Use up the scraps! Tutorial

Pretty pretty picture frame

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I have more fabric scraps than brain cells. I am always thinking of ways to use them up and had this clever idea to snazzy up some plain picture frames and get my house ready for spring! There are a million creative ideas you could use this tutorial for, which I will share once we complete our very easy and very fun project! If you have any helpers in the house this is a fun tutorial for them too!

You will need:
Medium weight interfacing
Any picture frame
Any picture

First lay your fabric right side down on top of your interfacing.
If your picture frame comes with this handy mat use it as your measuring guide. Otherwise you can use the glass to trace or measure the size by hand.

Trace along the outside. I use crayons, you can use whatever. I don't recommend markers as they bleed through the fabric.

Cut both interfacing and fabric along your traced line.

Don't forget to take a picture of your cute helper, especially if she has morning hair!

Now iron your fabric to your interfacing.

Grab your cute picture and your fabric piece and center your picture.
In my case I trimmed my picture, this is optional.

Not a necessary step. But I trimmed my picture a bit so more fabric would show through.

Center your picture and use a small piece of tape to adhere it to the fabric. Place your new picture mat into the frame. And there you go!

Pair it with some spring flowers for an extra burst of cuteness!

Some other ideas for this project:
Great for decorating your kids room!
Instead of a picture you could use letters to spell out "party" or "food" for your next big bash.
Just plain fabric is cute!
Press flowers or embroider words onto the fabric.
You get the idea :-)


  1. OK, honestly my favorite picture in here was of the morning hair-ed girl! What a cutie! What supermom doesn't desperately need their helpers!? I know that mine may not help my project, but they certainly help my life!! =)