Use up the scraps! Tutorial

I've been using all my fabric scraps for fun projects. Tonight I wanted to snaz up a tank top to wear tomorrow, so I decided it was time for another tutorial. These are great for making a cute plain tank or shirt into something super fun! Makes a fun project for your little seamstress too! Also great on baby onsies.

For this lil project you'll need the following:

-Tank Top

-Your choice fabric. Not much is needed although it depends on what you are making. I think a fat quarter will do you good (18x22) You can grab one at the fabric store for about $2.50.

-Steam-a-seam, LOVE THIS STUFF! Joann Fabrics has it. Under $10 for sure.



-Nilla cakesters- snack for yourself.

-Something to trace ( I used one of Cohen's star blocks)

-Optional stuff like, ribbon to tie on the straps, buttons,colored thread and a sewing needle, those Yo yo's you made ;-) beads, whatever! If you do choose to add additional items, you may need to hand sew them on. Up to you :-)

Ok so, first step is to iron your tank nice and smooth. Next, read the directions on the Steam-a-seam so you have a good understanding on how the stuff works. It's pretty simple to use. Once you have read and understand the instructions you can begin to trace your desired applique onto the paper and fabric and cut them out.

Place those cute things wherever you want them and follow the ironing directions to apply.

Also, I did a very quick zig zag stitch around one of the stars after I fused it to my tank. This is just for looks, not necessary.

And now I have my own super awesomly cool tank top that no one else has! Woohoo~

Have fun!

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