Lined Zipper Pouch Tutorial/ Giveaway!

Now, I am pretty amateur at these tutorials so please have mercy! I hope these directions are easy for you to follow and you have a fun time creating! I would love comments and feedback! Also, if you leave a comment please add your e-mail for a chance to win this zipper pouch! I will pick a winner March 7th. Thanks!

Lets get started!

Grab all your goods.
Two pieces of fabric for the pouch outside and lining. Mine are about 14x8 I will cut them all in half to make 4 pieces total each measuring 7x4. You can cut all 4 pieces separate if you wish.
*Note: You can make this pouch virtually any size you wish. Make sure all 4 pieces of fabric are the same size!
Next you need your scissors, measuring device, sewing pins, iron, coordinating thread and zipper. Size of zipper will depend on your pouch. Make sure your zipper is at least the same size or larger than your pouch.
Last, a yummy coffee and or tea. Cookies aren't a bad thing either.

I fold and iron my fabrics in half to make a perfect cutting guide and cut all my fabrics in half.

You will have 4 of the same size pieces. 2 for the outer and 2 for the lining.

Place one piece of the lining fabric facing up. Next the zipper face up, and then the outer fabric right side facing down. Make a sandwich! Make sure you line up the fabrics and zipper on the sides and at the top.

Sew them together along the zipper. I let my needle foot go right along side the zipper. Go slowly.

When you are done sewing flip them over to one side and you should have one half of your pouch. Like this image above.

Now sandwich the fabrics the exact way on the other side of the zipper. All your fabrics will be stacked on one side. Sew down the opposite side of the zipper the same way as before.
( I pin my fabrics in place to help them from slipping)

Lay fabrics flat to each side. Your pouch should look like this with the zipper up and right sides up.

It should look like this flipped over.
( I like to iron my fabrics along the zipper to make them nice and flat)

Now bring both pieces of the lining to one side and both pieces of the outer fabric to the other side. Un-zip the zipper about half way so you will be able to turn the fabrics right side out after sewing them. Lay the zipper ends on top of each other with the teeth facing the lining side and pin down.

Sew approx. 1/4 inch all around the pouch (back-stitching a bit over the ends of the zipper) make sure to leave an opening on the bottom of the lining to turn fabrics right side out.

You should have this so far. Both lining and outside of pouch wrong sides out stitched all around except a small opening in the bottom of the lining.

Turn the pouch right side out.

Sew up the opening on the lining.

Push the lining into the pouch. Iron flat and test your zipper. Looks great!
There you have it! A cute little lined zipper pouch!

These are super fun to make and also make fun and thoughtful gifts!
Now leave a comment and e-mail for your chance to win!


  1. So cute...I officially decided I need to learn how to sew. I'm wanting to become more crafty at home!

  2. If comments aren't working for you, please e-mail kesha@keshathomas.com and leave your name and email.

  3. Lately I've wished I had a sewing machine so I could make cute little projects like this one. I love how simple it looks!


  4. what a great tutorial! i've read some tuts that are way confusing but yours was really clear. and super cute fabric! :)

  5. Great tutorial and super cute bag! It's terrible how addicting all this blogging is, isn't it?! =)

  6. Fabulous! I'm going to try this today. Thanks for the tutorial!