Brownies with an oh-so-delightful twist

I got this great tip from a friend to add raspberry jam (seedless of course) to my brownies! Whoa momma. She wasn't kidding around!

Here is what I did to turn my .98 cent brownie mix into a Martha Stewart dessert.

Mix up your brownie mix as directed. Warm up about 1/3 cup raspberry jam so that it's a nice smooth thick liquid. After you pour your brownies into the pan plop spoonfuls of the jam mixture all over your brownie batter and use a butter knife to swirl it in.

Note: I had to bake my brownies quite a bit longer than directed because of the jam, so keep your eye on them and test them in 4-5 minute increments until a knife comes out clean when inserted in the center.

After the brownies are completely cooled spread with cream cheese frosting. Warm up another 1/4 cup of jam and spoon about five lines of jam across the brownies. Next use a butter knife to create decorative streaks as shown. I went down the jam vertically to make my design.